4 Jun 2019

The DNA of Opportunity

"Where are the growth opportunities?". It's the one question that lies at the heart of any insight, strategy, innovation or communications brief.

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9 Apr 2019

The basics of AI for Insight professionals

We believe there’s a gap between what people in the Insight industry need and want to know about AI and what’s out there and easily accessible - it's hard to find the kind of simple and practical help that you need to navigate the choice of AI innovations, and how they might help your business.

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28 Feb 2019

Why we should embrace bias.

Human bias is often framed as a negative in research and analysis, something that AI can help eliminate. But should we see bias as something to be vilified? As an insight profession we can remain objective in the face of our client’s business objectives, but still seek to embrace ‘good’ bias that helps them make better decisions, whilst still minimising ‘bad’ bias.

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22 Feb 2019

Observations from this year’s IIeX Europe in Amsterdam

The discover.ai team have just got back from a great couple of days in Amsterdam at the IIeX Europe conference. It’s a little different from other market research industry conferences and focused at the most innovative/tech end of the sector, show-casing some interesting new start-ups and research approaches.

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13 Feb 2019

Why psychology beats forecasting, every time!

“We thought that as our tornado forecasting got better, we would save more lives. We didn’t. We knew more than ever about tornadoes, but nothing about how the American people responded to tornado warnings.”

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31 Jan 2019

Can A.I. understand literature?

The nice thing about working at an AI company is that sometimes we get to see cool tech-related stuff that is only tangentially related to my day-to-day. It’s even better when this turns out to be stuff that legitimises my degree in English Literature – not exactly famous for being the most vocational of subjects to study.

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16 Jan 2019

Why Gillette is like Spiderman

For me, there is one moment in Gillette’s new ad, which dropped yesterday to tumultuous controversy, that summarises why it is so culturally important. That defining moment comes about a minute in.

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20 Dec 2018

Who would have guessed; AI can be fun…

One of the great things about working for an AI start-up is that it’s always a solid conversation starter at parties. Everyone has some idea of how AI is revolutionising their industry; everyone has some idea of what they think it actually does.

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