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1 Jul 2019

The Human Drivers of Opportunity …. EXPERIENCES

Each week we’re sharing one of the 16 fundamental drivers of opportunity in our Accelerate model.
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24 Jun 2019

The Human Drivers of Opportunity …. CREATIVITY

Since we launched Discover.ai less than 2 years ago we’ve run over 180 projects in 30+ markets...
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4 Jun 2019

The DNA of Opportunity

"Where are the growth opportunities?". It's the one question that lies at the heart of any insight,...
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9 Apr 2019

The basics of AI for Insight professionals

We believe there’s a gap between what people in the Insight industry need and want to know about AI...
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28 Feb 2019

Why we should embrace bias.

Human bias is often framed as a negative in research and analysis, something that AI can help...
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22 Feb 2019

Observations from this year’s IIeX Europe in Amsterdam

The discover.ai team have just got back from a great couple of days in Amsterdam at the IIeX Europe...
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13 Feb 2019

Why psychology beats forecasting, every time!

“We thought that as our tornado forecasting got better, we would save more lives. We didn’t. We...
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31 Jan 2019

Can A.I. understand literature?

The nice thing about working at an AI company is that sometimes we get to see cool tech-related...
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16 Jan 2019

Why Gillette is like Spiderman

For me, there is one moment in Gillette’s new ad, which dropped yesterday to tumultuous...
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20 Dec 2018

Who would have guessed; AI can be fun…

One of the great things about working for an AI start-up is that it’s always a solid conversation...
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