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We combine the power of machine learning with human expertise to unearth valuable insights in text, images and online content.

We know the world moves fast. So we developed to help you take a qualitative deep-dive into human stories and rich cultural spaces to uncover new thinking and ideas at speed. Taking you on a journey of discovery filled with excitement, surprise and inspiration.



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Helping with a wide range of challenges

Futures & Trends

e.g... What are the emerging and exciting trends in leisure travel experiences that will shape the world in the next 5 years?

Segmentation & Strategy

e.g... What masculine archetypes exist within health & wellbeing that can inspire male grooming brand propositions?

Human & Cultural Insight

e.g... What are the exciting emerging opportunities within the broad area of health & wellness for products containing CBD (from hemp)?

Positioning & Purpose

e.g... What are the key emergent and exciting opportunities arising from initiatives to tackle childhood obesity ?


e.g... What can we learn from the broader worlds of food, wellbeing, desserts, baking and treats to help inspire a long-term innovation strategy?

Comms & Activation

e.g... What does 'Japanese modernity' mean around the world, and how can we use this insight to better connect with our consumers?



Our strategists answer all kinds of questions, fuelled by the power of our platform. Get in touch to discover new thinking and inspiring ideas, fast.

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Our Discover platform is here to accelerate your own expertise and creativity. Buckle up! It’s time to transform how you discover insights and opportunities on a global scale.

Introducing our unique model of opportunity

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Accelerate helps you explore the human drivers of opportunity

Our model shines a light on human nature and the culture we live in. It means we can make products, experiences, trends and technologies more relevant to the lives of everyday people.

The 16 drivers help us explore the gap between human aspirations and what brands deliver. It’s in this gap that we find colourful insights and opportunities for growth.

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