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Think of our platform as your insight sidekick. An ally to amplify your expertise, transforming the way you discover insights and opportunities.

We’ve developed two self-service products: and Here’s the lowdown.


Our Discovery Products


Powerful AI analytics for your text-based data


Transform your unstructured text sources into insight in minutes. OPEN makes light work of analysing transcripts, articles, reviews and internal documents.


A qualitative deep-dive into rich online sources


By sampling rich and diverse online sources, in any language, PRO helps you explore wider and dig deeper to answer strategic questions in record time.

The benefits

OPEN - discover stories at speed

  • Dig for nuggets of insights in small text-based sources
  • Scope out the key insights around any topic
  • Speed up your desk research
  • Turn qualitative transcripts into insightful stories
  • Extract insights from open-ended questions
  • Do ‘rewind’ analysis of PowerPoint presentations and reports
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PRO - discover rich opportunities

  • Find answers to your toughest growth questions
  • Discover insights for your positioning, comms and innovation
  • Quickly connect consumer, brand, cultural and expert sources
  • Sample rich and diverse online sources from around the world
  • Unearth insightful content faster
  • Create thought-provoking springboards to shape strategy and ideation
PRO screen
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Key functionality

  • Cloud based – work on projects anytime, anywhere
  • Upload publicly available websites and internal documents
  • A library of 6,000 sources from over 400 previous projects
  • Automatic translation into English
  • Easily connect insight and explore hypotheses
  • Intuitive interface for capturing and sharing insights


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