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Introducing OPEN. Your go-to reading tool for joyful qualitative data analysis.


Why is OPEN special?

  • Multiple sources: A single online environment to bring in and analyse your own internal data sets – such as transcripts, surveys and social media data – AND seek out new insights via our built in search function
  • Powerful AI: OPEN uses our bespoke or proprietary AI designed specifically to aid insight generation, trained by our strategists across a 1000 projects
  • Refined search capability: Search by sentiment, keywords, topics and themes - all supported by high levels of customisation and control. Helping you surface, access and export the most relevant insights for your projects
  • Human drivers: Access Accelerate, our model of the fundamental emotional needs that drive behaviour. Shining a light on the patterns of diverse human needs represented in your data
  • Translation included: A dream for researchers working with data in multiple languages. OPEN can translate over 70 languages to English, while still maintaining the ability to toggle back to the original source language
  • Fast: OPEN enables you to work with unprecedented scope and reach, in a fraction of the time that desk research takes


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How does OPEN work?

OPEN is your self service, 100% access platform that allows you to read and analyse the following:


  • Desk Research – Upload and analyse internal documents AND search for articles via our online search tool
  • Transcripts - Upload and analyse full qualitative transcripts with or without moderator text
  • Survey Data -Analyse your open ends data from surveys and filter on variables
  • Social Media -Filter through large social media data files and surface insightful quotes


Ready to get started?


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