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Machine learning technology underpins our service. But our work is also powered by smart human beings.

Here’s your chance to meet them.

Sophie Wright
Having worked both as agency director and an independent for 23 years, Sophie has a wealth of valuable brand-building experience to share. Whatever the task, she likes to dig deeper.

Foivos Dousos
Armed with a PhD in Digital Marketing and Media, Foivos is a dynamic Strategist with a real curiosity about people and what makes them tick. Ask him about his love of cultural analysis. He’d like that.

Sophie Henson
Yes it’s true, Sophie is a highly skilled and resourceful Strategist. But there’s so much more to her: A background in semiotics & design, and Masters in Psychology, she’s also a food fanatic, global traveller and dog devotee.

Bruna Araujo
Having lived in various countries, Bruna loves different cultures and languages. She is great at finding new brands and websites and gets interesting cultural insights to enrich the projects.

Rose Crabb
A former Director at TNS, Rose is an experienced Qualitative Researcher. Inspired by brand storytelling, archetypes and the unconscious needs of consumers. She can spot compelling insights with her eyes shut.

Nicole Ettinger
Moving on from an MA in cultural and critical theory, Nicole almost can’t help but link everything back to culture. Admittedly, she’s got a near compulsive need to place categories and trends under a magnifying glass.

John Cranstone
Formerly a Software Engineer in the Aerospace industry, John looks after all things Platform & SaaS.

Jonny Hills
Jonny has worked in international marketing and operational roles for over 20 years throughout the world, more recently for start-up and entrepreneurial businesses, and is never happier than when in the mountains, in the water or eating well.

Nicola Avis
With a strong qual background in consumer insight, Nicola especially loves a kids & youth brief. She’s passionate about gardening and is a big fan of Pilates.

Martin Banks
Martin has worked as a Software Developer for over 10 years; more machine now than man. Enjoys getting tattoos and gaming when not writing software. Would love to get a pet snake.

Patricia Bogno
Patricia is passionate about art, problem-solving and human behaviour. With a background in UX, exploring emergent content and cultural insights is her playground to understand different cultures and people's behaviour.

Zaineb Al-Sadiq
A graduate in English Language and Linguistics, Zaineb loves working with language, meaning and building connections, as a Content Curator. She loves leafless trees, walking in the rain, bubble tea and K-dramas.

Igor Savotskin
Igor is a bilingual (Anglo-Russian), organised, creative professional with experience in client relationship management and consumer behaviour. Flexible and analytical, he loves to explore new cultural trends.

Helen Vicary
Helen has a background in Philosophy and Psychology so is most comfortable when over-thinking things; words, images, stats, behaviours or existential conundrums. When she’s not knee deep in analysis, you’ll likely find her watching sci-fi or experimenting in the kitchen.

Victoria Thrift
Vic has spent the past 14 years specialising in qualitative research and is fascinated by how new technology is reshaping the insight world.

Naomi Lovell
With a training in the fine arts and more than a decade keeping creative businesses moving, Naomi combines creative thinking and an eye for detail with an aptitude of organisation.

Nancy Hervey-Bathurst
Nancy joined Discover as a Strategist in 2021. She is fascinated by anything that helps us understand the ways that culture and people tick- from food & drink to arts, film and tv. Working across our offers, she enjoys getting stuck into the diversity of categories and briefs that makes Discover so unique.

Suzie Fasciani
A recent Masters graduate in design and brand strategy, Suzie brings significant experience of consumer focussed brands, having spent time designing in-house for high-street fashion labels, followed by eight years in global creative agencies.

Sophie Nathan-King
With a background in Fine Arts and creative marketing, Sophie has a passion for storytelling and cultural insights. Guided through visual and language cues, she loves to unearth the now, the near, and the next.

Will Wallitt
Will is a software developer and AI researcher. He studied computer science at the University of Exeter. Will is fascinated by the intersection of technology and human behaviour, and he loves pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI and machine learning.

Jemima Hand
With a background in marketing, operations and fine art, Jemima has a passion for problem-solving, collaborating and is known for being a “spreadsheet enthusiast”. She is best making content, looking at analytics or delving into spreadsheets.


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