Our thoughts on AI

We love a white paper. It’s our chance to do what we do best: unearth insights and serve up answers, inspiration - or a bit of both.

Most of our white papers exist to shine a light on the world of AI. Take a look at some of our recent findings.


Be more human

What will it mean to be human in a future world of AI?

We’ve heard a lot about AI automating many aspects of our lives and taking people out of the loop of decision making. So it’s only natural for us to question our future role in the world.

Be More Human is our response to this. It’s our exploration into some of the fundamental principles around what it means to be human in a technological world. Spoiler alert: it’s not about lost jobs and loss of control. Far from it. We imagine a world where machines augment human skills. A world where AI becomes our partner in building an enhanced society. Ready?


Find the gap - Using AI to explore the DNA of opportunity

Growth opportunities are hard to come by and finding them is as much an art as a science. We don’t believe that machines or the patterns they uncover have the answers, but AI can accelerate human expertise, making it quicker and easier to explore diverse data sources.

This paper aims to help you find the gap, using AI to explore the potential that lies at the heart of any insight, strategy, innovation or communications brief. You’ll gain an overview of the discover.ai Accelerate model that focuses on the human drivers of opportunity. And we set out the five key questions you should be asking when it comes to exploring any growth situation.


Why the insight industry needs TaPaS to get the best out of AI?

To date, most research in the MR-Tech space has focused on two things. Software that automates market research. And tools that turn key processes into technology-based solutions. 

True, there’s a lot to be gained from these advancements. But when it comes to the insight industry, we believe the benefits of AI go way beyond automation.

The real value our industry offers comes from high-value thinking. The ability to make evidence-based analytical, strategic and creative judgements that even the smartest AI technologies can’t replicate (yet).

In this paper we reveal how our TaPaS model helps to create a smarter future. A place where a customer-led, insight driven approach doesn’t come at the cost of speed or agility. We’re talking about combining the best of technology with the best of what it means to be human.


AI for Humans: A simple guide to help navigate the use of AI in the insight Industry

When it comes to AI in the insight industry, we believe there’s a gap between what people want to know about AI – and what’s available out there. It's hard to find practical advice for navigating AI innovations and deciphering how they could genuinely help our businesses.

AI for Humans fills this gap. Delivered with a human touch, it's a simple guide that’ll direct you through AI in the insight industry – and fill you in on the innovations that could supercharge your business.

This report gives you:

  • A basic definition of AI and Machine Learning
  • Know-how on the ways AI is being applied
  • An awareness of potential benefits and drawbacks

Advice on what to look out for when exploring these new technologies.