25 Apr 2019

Be more human

What will it mean to be human in a future world of AI? 

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18 Apr 2019

Find the gap - Using AI to explore The DNA of opportunity

"Where are the growth opportunities?". It's the one question that lies at the heart of any insight, strategy, innovation or communications brief.

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11 Apr 2019

Which Way AI?

Finding the right AI insight solution is high up on the agenda for most companies these days; brands and agencies alike. But where do you start? What technologies should you apply? Who do you partner with? And how do you ensure success without burning through time and investment funds?

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4 Apr 2019

Why the insight industry needs TaPaS to get the best out of AI

Much of the focus in the MR-Tech space to date has been on software that automates the processes of market research as we know it today, or translates them into alternative technology-based solutions.

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28 Mar 2019

AI for Humans: A simple guide to help navigate the use of AI in the insight industry

We believe there’s a gap between what people in the Insight industry need and want to know about AI and what’s out there and easily accessible - it's hard to find the kind of simple and practical help that you need to navigate the choice of AI innovations, and how they might help your business.

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