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This week… Achieving holistic WELLBEING


We live in an age of wellness awareness. Humans are increasingly conscious of the effects of what they put in their mouths – and the regimes imposed on their bodies. Modern lifestyles can put an incredible strain on our health and wellbeing, distancing us from a natural way of life. Consumers are on the lookout for anything that can help them take a more balanced approach to wellness in their lives, without sacrificing the things they enjoy.


The opportunity is there to help people achieve health, wellbeing and balance, in all the forms they take – social, bodily and mental (together termed as holistic wellness). This can be about keeping us protected and safe from whatever the modern world has to throw at us. Or about utilising the healing power of nature. Perhaps it is simply about helping people seek relaxation, rest and recovery.


The WELLBEING driver is strongly linked to an aspirational ideal, often shared online on blogs and forums. Brands that occupy this territory include Simba mattresses (with a science-driven approach to better nights, and therefore better days), Goop (the paragon of contemporary wellness brands), SoulCycle (an aspirational ‘cult’ health and wellness gym), Holland & Barrett (using VMA to provide for every ailment and physiology) and My DNA (mapping personal wellness through gene analysis).


We’ve also explored the human psychology of the WELLBEING driver. This suggests there is an opportunity for brands to go beyond the functional experience of symptoms and remedies and to help people to consider their whole self and to think about and understand their bodies and their own wellness. Brands can also play a more active role in helping people to find a balance across competing aspects of their lives, and see how thoughts, experiences and behaviours connect. And most powerfully, brands have an opportunity to help people come to terms with both the potential and the limitations of their wellness.


Whilst wellness and health are becoming widely discussed and medical advances continue apace, we consistently see a gap between the ideal of holistic wellbeing that people crave and the role products, services and brands currently play in creating and promoting this physical and mental harmony. This means WELLBEING continues to be a big driver of opportunity going forward.


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Marc Cohen

Written by Marc Cohen

Successful entrepreneur and executive within market research, data and subscription/SaaS businesses, including venture-capital backed companies. I have built and led a number of market-leading products and consultative research companies, and led several successful exits. I have worked and lived in UK, US, continental Europe and Asia.