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The dominant narrative around technology is that it is making our lives easier, more efficient and more productive. But innovation, change and information overload can conversely bring complexity into people’s lives, overwhelming and alienating them. Many are waking up to this, starting to see the return to a simpler life as more essential to the human experience.


The opportunity is still there to provide technological solutions that can genuinely make life easier for consumers. But increasingly relevant are the products and services (or the lack thereof) that help people strip life back to the essentials, navigate choice and focus on what really matters to them.


We’ve explored the human psychology of this driver, and this suggest that SIMPLICITY could temporal: making people’s lives simpler by doing something that saves them time; physical: reducing the effort or complexity to make it accessible to more people; mental: reducing the mental effort or knowledge level required; behavioural: fitting into people’s existing habits and routines, so it feels like no effort at all; and social: overcoming social barriers so that people can align and get things done.


On a cultural level we see this driver in action prominently in the world of technology. From interactive AI assistants to ‘the internet of things’, and in the one-brand tech loyalty that’s engendered by the likes of Apple. Yet we also see the driver at work in more back-to-basics movements, like zero wasting.


Brands that include SIMPLICITY in either their communications or proposition include Gousto and Hello Fresh (pre-portioned meals to cook for those short of time or know-how), Slack (a better way for work teams to communicate, as more and more employees migrate away from traditional offices), Dyson (with visionary product design), Amazon (simply an incredible and ever-improving service), Huel (whose meal replacement product theoretically negates the need for any other eating) and any number of ‘smart’ tech startups (even us!).


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Marc Cohen

Written by Marc Cohen

Successful entrepreneur and executive within market research, data and subscription/SaaS businesses, including venture-capital backed companies. I have built and led a number of market-leading products and consultative research companies, and led several successful exits. I have worked and lived in UK, US, continental Europe and Asia.