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Mental health has come more and more to the forefront of the collective consciousness in recent years. There is a growing awareness of the mental and emotional pressures people experience and the impact this can have on their quality of life. For the right kind of brand, service or company, the opportunity exists to help people better understand and manage their state of mind to live complete lives – in ways that are sensitive and fitting.


This could be about helping to find mental health and balance – or it could be more to do with mental resolve or finding a mind-over-matter attitude. Tonally, while the driver can served by bringing positivity, optimism and hope, it can also be tougher: about finding the right mental zone.


Lots of brands are finding that they have something useful to say or contribute on this issue. Most notable perhaps are the mens’ brands – among them, Lynx/Axe and LadBible – that are helping to normalise men talking about their mental health. Additionally, the likes of Lloyds Bank and Virgin Trains are opening up conversations (with advertorial and a train platform promotion respectively) – while apps like Headspace are making it easier to for people to get into mental self-care routines.


Other than the recent rise in the number of men talking about mental health, other cultural expressions of this driver include now-widespread practise of yoga and meditation, and an awareness that too much screen time might be bad for us.


We've also looked into the psychology of RESILIENCE, and this suggests that there are a number of ways that brands can tap into this driver: for example, helping people to share their lives and experiences with others, to help them feel stronger; helping people to do good to others and in doing so feel positive about themselves; and staying active to boost their mental wellbeing.


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Marc Cohen

Written by Marc Cohen

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