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This week… Rich life EXPERIENCES


It is only human to look beyond our everyday lives and wonder where we are headed and how. We are driven by a desire to live lives richer with meaningful experience – but the change required for this is often hard to achieve. In a world where so much of what we do is migrating online, true, lived experience is becoming ever more rarefied and valued. The opportunity is there for brands and organisations to help people to broaden their experiences, to pursue what drives them and to lead them to some sense of self-realisation.


Central to this driver is idea of the ‘life story’, the ways in which people seek to create a rich life narrative and to elevate the things we day-to-day into a lifestyle that reflect who they and their beliefs. There is also a pervasive desire to live the lifestyle ideals seen online and in the media, whether in the lives of Instagram influencers or in weekend newspaper magazines. And any brand that can help people follow personal passions or achieve more meaningful life experiences will be answering unmet social needs.


Brands that appeal to this driver include the likes of Airbnb (whose ‘Live There’ strapline articulates a desire to experience more than the average tourist), Coca-Cola (its advertorial has long been based on moments of shared happiness), Virgin Atlantic (where the in-flight experience is calibrated to give travellers more), Soho House (for the aspirational lifestyle experience) – and experiential phenomenon like Secret Cinema and Punchdrunk.


In the wider cultural world, this driver is expressed in anything from the move towards going technologically ‘off-grid’ – to the widespread keeping of ‘bucket lists’. The move towards flexible working hours and 4-day weeks can also be seen as a concession to this driver: helping people live lives more balanced in favour of experiences.


We’ve also explored the human psychology of the EXPERIENCES driver. This suggests there is an opportunity for brands to help people to find the motivation to chase our dreams and passions, to have the perseverance when things get tough, and to make the necessary sacrifices we might need to make along the way, navigating the highs and lows of that journey and sharing the common experience of that life journey with others who have travelled it.


We regularly see EXPERIENCES appearing in our opportunity springboards across a wide range of projects as brands find opportunities to elevate their role beyond products and services to be more woven into their life story and sense of self.


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Marc Cohen

Written by Marc Cohen

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