Each week we’re sharing one of the 16 fundamental drivers of opportunity in our Accelerate model.


This week… A sense of ENGAGEMENT


The rapid pace of modern life and the dehumanising effects of ubiquitous technology can leave people feeling a sense of emptiness or incompleteness. This sense of alienation demands a re-connection with the world around us, and a sense that we are part of something greater than just the experiences of our day to day lives. As a result, the opportunity exists for brands to help people engage their senses, feel more in tune with the moment, connect with nature and the outdoors and to feel part of something with more spiritual meaning.


The natural world is strongly linked to this driver – re-connection with the world can frequently be read as a re-connection with nature. But equally it can represent a return to natural rhythms, to a state of being more aware and in tune with the moment. Spirituality also plays a part, with engagement also engendering the draw of faith and a belief beyond the everyday. It doesn’t need to be natural or spiritual, either. Engaging the senses for immersive experiences – be they technological or otherwise – falls under the same driver.


Brands that sit in engagement territories include Centre Parcs (providing a much-needed connection to nature for families), Fever Tree (for its focus on natural ingredients and provenance) and a wide range of cosmetic and homecare products. Culturally we see the ENGAGEMENT driver in emergent forms of spirituality that are often framed as a return to nature. Mindfulness also answers the driver need – a meditative way of appreciating life in the moment.


We’ve also explored the human psychology of the ENGAGEMENT driver. This suggests there is an opportunity for brands to connect with a world beyond themselves in several interesting ways; Encouraging them to draw energy from the wider world. Creating a sense of ‘flow’ and losing themselves in places, moments and experiences. Discovering their self-worth from the outside rather from within. And tapping into people’s longer term hopes and goals that go beyond their immediate concerns and needs.


With brands so often focused on the material world and satisfying needs in the here and now, we often see an opportunity to go beyond this and create a more meaningful connection between people and the world in which they live, to find meaning beyond themselves. This means ENGAGEMENT continues to be a big driver of opportunity going forward.


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Marc Cohen

Written by Marc Cohen

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