Since we launched less than 2 years ago we’ve run over 180 projects in 30+ markets across a range of global brands, categories and challenges.  This wealth of knowledge has helped us create a model of the 16 fundamental human drivers of opportunity… the spaces where brands need to play to differentiate and drive growth.  We call this model accelerate.


Each week we will be sharing some thoughts on each of our 16 drivers.


This week… Unleashing people’s CREATIVITY.


There is a fundamental human drive to create and invent, but much of our lives are spent focussed on the day to day and blinkered to the wider creative experiences the world can hold. We are constrained by busy modern lifestyles from being our most creative selves. Yet, given the opportunity, there is a universal need to create, adapt and invent. The opportunity is there for the right brand, product or proposition to help us unleash our creative potential and fulfill that primal need.


CREATIVITY can mean many different things… helping to blend and fuse diverse influences or finding new twists on the old. For some, just finding those small levers to harness personal creativity can be transformative. Even helping people find creative inspiration from the world around them can make a huge difference.


Many brands appeal to the CREATIVITY driver, including Adobe (whose software facilitates creations in the digital realm), Etsy (the online marketplace for crafted goods), Lego (with a founding ethos centred around helping children to create – an ethos they still follow today), Linux (the favoured operating system for Maker Movement programmers) and Sharpie (whose adverts are all about using the pens to creative effect).


Aside from the obvious places to look – the creative arts, for example – we see this human driver at work in cultural expressions from the Maker Movement in IT development to ‘upcycling’ and creative life hacks. Moreover, the internet has seen a great speeding up our ability to create and adapt. We can now do so easily, intuitively and with next to no training.


We’ve also explored the human psychology of the CREATIVITY driver. This suggests there is an opportunity for brands to help people unlock their innate creativity. From stimulating their creative energies, tapping into their knowledge and experience or giving them to space to think and reflect. To encouraging playfulness or helping them find the time effort and discipline to express themselves creatively.


Across our projects CREATIVITY has appeared time and again in compelling opportunity springboards, often in unexpected places. All brands, especially in categories where creativity is perhaps not the norm, can benefit from helping people to unleash their creativity in even the smallest way.


Follow this link to read more about our Accelerate model and the 16 human drivers of opportunity


Next week: Experiences.

Marc Cohen

Written by Marc Cohen

Successful entrepreneur and executive within market research, data and subscription/SaaS businesses, including venture-capital backed companies. I have built and led a number of market-leading products and consultative research companies, and led several successful exits. I have worked and lived in UK, US, continental Europe and Asia.