100 projects since lockdown – we explore the key drivers in people’s responses over the past 8 months

13 Nov 2020

In our latest report we have taken a step back to stop and think.. to reflect on these last months and our collective experiences since lockdown began and to look back to the months directly before, allowing us to pull out some reflections as to some of the cultural shifts we are seeing in these rather strange times.

Taking the the last 100 projects we have run since lockdown began, just 8 months ago, we have used the discover ai platform to dig into the content gathered to feed those 100 projects to pull out some striking themes.  At the same time we have also been able to directly compare this with the core content gathered for the 100 projects we ran immediately prior to lockdown, which has allowed us to identify and to dig into the key shifts in people’s underlying drivers over these last months. 

In the report we identify 7 big segments which seem to typify peoples responses – as expressed by their preoccupations, their ambitions and desires - to the last 8 months

We see people:

  1. Wanting more texture from life - more bite and edge to their experiences
  2. Voicing a renewed sense of purpose - a thirst and wetted appetite to rise anew to global needs
  3. Gathering themselves up and gathering up their strength - gaining in poise
  4. Wilfully peering over into the wild other - the truth of nature wild and free, reassuringly separate, but there for us
  5. Determinedly grasping after new possibility - being resourceful, recognising capability and how much we can do
  6. On a collective quest to find their spiritual home - seeking our place in the world
  7. Riding on the waves of solidarity - sense of the significance of others close around us 

You may recognise some of these shifts from what you have seen or what you have felt yourself.  From wanting our lives to be more firmly rooted in wellbeing, physical and emotional, to seeking to strengthen our connections with others, through to a greater sense of our individual place in the world.  What we are seeing from our research is very clearly a shift towards strength, connection and responsibility

Click here to read the report in full. 

The analysis from this report is cross category and global in its perspective, and draws on both qualitative and quantitative analysis. 

  • It is based on a meta analysis of the 100 projects that we have conducted since March, not on one specific project – this allows us to pull out broader and bigger trends and themes
  • Those 100 projects span a wide range of clients, industry sectors and project objectives – so again, the trends and themes that emerge are profound and wide ranging
It combines both quant and qual, and many millions of raw quotes in the source content and it gives a taste of both our NeedDriver Mapping and our Springboards methodologies.

Written by Sophie Wright
28 years brand building experience gained client-side, as an agency director and working as an independent. Sophie is Strategy Director at Discover.ai

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